Three Ways 5G Will Change the World

It seems like just yesterday that 4G first came into the world and changed the way that we could use mobiles. But many people say that the transition from 3G to 4G was minimal in terms of the disruption it caused.

Yes, it was easier to view media on mobile devices given the advanced speeds that 4G and 4G-LTE can bring. But the change that we are going to get from 4G to 5G will be a lot bigger, and that is what many people are excited about. Here are three ways that 5G will change the world.

1. Autonomous Driving

The idea of self-driving cars seems scary, but they are already out there for testing purposes. When 5G becomes prevalent, we are going to see self-driving vehicles on the road all the time. And the reason why 5G matters is because that speed is needed for all these cars to compute things in real-time, check traffic data, view camera footage and look at other information to ensure there are no accidents.

2. Robotic Surgeries

Again, 5G will ensure that existing tech can go to another level. Robotic surgeries already take place, but now surgeons will be able to perform surgeries from hundreds of miles away. When smaller items such as broadband power dividers reach an even more advanced level, and we have the tech for 5G to become mainstream, surgeons can sit in New York and perform a procedure in San Francisco by using these robotic arms, and it will be no different to them being in the room.

broadband power dividers

3. Immersive Gaming

Not all the chances are practical, with gaming set to get a massive boost when 5G comes out. We already have virtual reality, but it is very limited because of wires and the massive systems needed to support it. With 5G, everything can be wireless, and there will be better resolutions and smoother gameplay experiences with augmented and virtual reality gaming.