Doing A Transcription Is One Thing, But Imagine Carrying Out A Digital Transcription

Just to check that you are on the right page, make a note that you do understand what the term ‘to transcribe’ means. It is not quite the same as doing a translation from one language to another, but it does come quite close. In the olden days before sophisticated office machinery was put to good use, office secretaries or personal assistants would sit attentively with their superiors or in meetings and take down quick notes to record important memoranda or records of a meeting.

The quickly jotted notes were known as shorthand. By the time machines came into play, office administrators would simply be able to turn on their recorders and record everything that was dictated or announced. After that they would return to their desks and transcribe accurately everything that was recorded. Today, the advantages of utilizing digital transcription equipment are widely known. It goes way beyond the conventional office environment.

digital transcription equipment

Its use extends further than the office administrator, managerial secretary and personal assistant. It is important and necessary for the legal professions to make full use of digital transcription equipment. You could just as well extend its use to the criminal justice system and the work environments of the competent and fully qualified insurance assessors. Renowned investigative journalists will never leave their desks without these devices as they make their way towards an important field trip.

The portable device comes in good use for the architect who needs to spend a great deal of his professional time on the noisy construction site. And this leaves you with the best advantages of having a digital device in your top pocket. All exterior noise is blocked out and the user can focus only on the recorded conversations or discussions.